Paris and Benji – Who Cares?

20080226-paris_hilton_benji_madden.jpgFor those of you that may care about the latest news on the Paris Hilton front, it is now rumoured that she is dating Benji Madden, a band member of Good Charlotte. Ben is the brother of Nicole Richie’s betrothed, Joel Madden. Nicole is reportedly the one who set Paris and Ben up. So I guess this means that they really have patched things up. Again, for those of youthat care.

Paris and Ben have spent a weekend in St. Louis together where Hollywood Rag says,

“Paris only had eyes for Benji. As soon as she saw him she
walked over and gave him a huge slobbering kiss. Then they snuggled down in a corner booth. She stroked his arm and his leg while whispering sweet nothings in his ear.”

Now unlike some sweet Hollywood couples, this truly makes me sick. I mean, haven’t we really had enough of princess Paris? The two are a mismatch in the truest sense of the word and who knows how long this budding romance will last. I’m guessing not very long.

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