Academy Award Winning Screenwriter, Diablo Cody Nude Photos

diabcody.jpgDiablo Cody, as well as having an interesting name, also has an extensive wig collection, and apparently has a stripping pole in her living room. The screenwriter responsible such awesomeness as the movie Juno. From Celebrity Mound:

“It’s not often that a screenwriter gets widely known. Then again, it’s also not often that a screenwriter has nude pics of herself readily available to come back and haunt her, Internet-style.

In a perhaps unsurprising but still noteworthy development, just that has happened to former stripper and current Academy Award–winning writer of Juno, Diablo Cody (NSFW, obviously).

Having seen the images, we’re happy to report that, even naked, Miss Cody seems to have a sense of humor (is that the smiliest pole-dancing ever?).

Of course, who has time to put on a convincingly effortless leopard-print ensemble when they’re as busy as Diablo? She’s got two new projects in the works: a Showtime series from Steven Spielberg called The United States of Tara, starring Toni Collette, and a horror flick with Megan Fox, Jennifer’s Body.”

Woo, former stripper. Nice. I think it’s awesome, to have gone from stripper, to an award winning writer. You go girl, with your millions of wigs, and badly drawn whipped cream bikini.

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