Academy Award Winning Screenwriter, Diablo Cody Nude Photos

Diablo Cody, as well as having an interesting name, also has an extensive wig collection, and apparently has a stripping pole in her living room. The screenwriter responsible such awesomeness as the movie Juno. From Celebrity Mound: “It’s not often that a screenwriter gets widely known. Then again, it’s also not often that a screenwriter […]

Eddie Van Halen & Valerie Bertinelli: Who Cheated Who?

Both of them are train wrecks really, which is sad, because Eddie Van Halen is a babe, not to mention, a god of rock. Valerie Bertinelli on the other hand, just looks like one of those chicks that might do you dirty. Honestly, the two of them can’t even figure out which one screwed around […]

Drew and Justin Going Ga-Ga

Who doesn’t love Drew Barrymore, seen in great films such as 50 First Dates, Never Been Kissed, and The Wedding Singer? We love her even more when we see her paired with a sweetie such as Justin Long, known more recently for his role as “The Mac Guy” in the “Get Mac” commercials. His other […]