A Mini for Minnie?

minniedriver.jpgAs soon as she walked out of a clinic in Los Angeles, Minnie Driver set the rumour mill buzzing with the talk of a little baby on the way. The actress who is probably best-known for her brilliant performances in Good Will Hunting, Will & Grace, and Circle of Friends was overheard talking to potential daddy as she left the clinic. Contactmusic.com says,

“Driver called her boyfriend, Matthew, in England and talked about “getting bloodwork done”. A source tells the publication she told her pal, “Matthew says I should be quiet so no one hears me.”

And if you need further proof, Celebrity Baby Scoop says,

“most recently spotted Minnie looking at her sonograms outside her doctor’s office.”

Driver was then spotted walking into Crewcuts and buying those cute little outfits that parents just can’t wait to get their hands on. Even more so if you have millions of dollars to spend on them. By the way, the clothes she was buying were for a baby girl. Minnie Driver does prefer to stay out of the public eye so it might be awhile before there’s actual confirmation or her fans know anything else.

But ya never know. It’s very hard for celebs to keep their secrets too long.

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