Gene Simmons Sex Tape Scandal!

0221_gene_ex.jpgRecently a website premiered somewhere out there, in the dark recesses of the Internet’s more disturbing and grotesque underbelly that presented a video of Gene Simmons screwing someone. -Shudder.- No no, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE KISS… But that’s just disgusting. He’s like, a million years old, and the tongue thing? Oh god, where’s my little airline puke bag? From TMZ:

“Gene Simmons’ legal team has taken an ingenious first step in shutting down a website featuring a video that shows Gene in a sex act with a woman who is not his longtime girlfriend, Shannon Tweed.

We’re told Gene’s lawyers contacted, which is responsible for the content on the website promoting the video — ordering them to cease and desist because of copyright infringement. How, you ask, is this copyright infringement? Gene’s lawyers claimthe site had no right to use face paint to promote the skin flick, because face paint is a KISS thing.

And now we’re being told, the tape is old and the copyright owner is … drum roll … Gene Simmons! Apparently, Gene got wind of the tape a few years back and bought the rights. Who’s the apprentice now?

BTW, the tape was shot without Simmons’ permission or knowledge — and may well be illegal. That’s why TMZ hasn’t run it.”

Gawd, how gross. Thank god the damn tape isn’t there. And don’t go looking for it either, you guys. Anni’s Final Thought: “Don’t subject yourself to that kind of trauma willingly. It’s just as bad as 2girls1cup, and don’t try to convince yourself anything different.”

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#1 wynter the kiss lover on 03.01.08 at 12:37 pm

OMG!! thats so freaking GROSS!!!!!!!

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