Bai’s Broken Heart and Not-so-Quick Hands

crazybaiheader.jpgBai Ling, the actress you see flitting across your TV screen every now and then as a one-time character on the odd show, has recently been caught shoplifting. She got arrested in the LAX airport when caught red-handed. What was it that she needed so desperately? Some batteries and a couple of magazines. She claims that she was,

“dealing with a huge problem of breaking up before Valentine’s Day. Wrong boyfriend,”

she was quoted as saying according to Celebitchy.

Celebitchy also says that,

“Damon Elliott, a close pal of Ling’s, says she was definitely not herself yesterday. She was kind of in a mentally unstable state of mind yesterday. She had some relationship issues going on. She wasn’t in the right frame of mind.”

No kidding. I’ve never even heard of people blaming something so stupid on a bad break-up. Cutting out your ex’s head from certain pictures? Okay, I can see it. Throwing everything they ever gave you into your fireplace? Could be a bit dangerous but when you’re hurting, it’s reasonable. But shoplifting? Oh come on, Bai, you’re going to have to do better than that.

Perhaps her bigger crime is wearing all of those god-awful outfits thatshe’s always caught in. As horrifying as this little green ensemble is with the pale-pink, who-knows-what-they-are, it’s actually better than what she was seen wearing at the Grammy’s this year. At the ceremony she was seen wearing some take-off of a German barmaid outfit that had her chest practically hanging out of it.

Maybe those outfits are the reason for her bad break-up. And maybe Bai Ling should stop spending all that money on outfits that hurt the eyes and instead, use it to buy batteries and magazines.

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