David & Victoria Beckham Are Idiots; Of The Britney Spears Variety


You know, the first time I saw the picture of Britney Spears, driving with her kid in her lap, I was kind of nostalgic about my own childhood. Who the hell hasn’t been in their parents’ lap while they were driving? It’s actually like a traditional American pastime to teach your kids to drive that way. Anyway, it hardly matters. Take a look at the above picture, and tell me what you see wrong. At least Britney‘s kid was in the front of the car. The Beckhams‘ kids weren’t even lucky enough to ride in the trunk. From In Touch:

” We don’t know what they do in Great Britain, but in this country children as young as David and Victoria Beckham’s sons (Brooklyn is 8 and Romeo is 5) shouldn’tbe crammed into a sports car like this. Let’s hope Becks didn’t actually drive with the kids like that.”

Am I the only one who notices the plaintive look on David and Victoria Beckham‘s kid’s face as he stares plaintively at the camera? He looks like one of those damn kids from Ethiopia. My guess is, he’d like to ride in the front seat. Or at least in the trunk. Say what you will about Britney Spears, and redneck parenting, but my mom never made me ride in a place where you couldn’t even comfortably fit a medium-sized dog. Nice going, Becks!

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