Oops…She’s Done it Again!

britney-34.jpgYes, Britney Spears once again has the media whirling around her. (As if they ever stopped!) What has she done this time? Shaved her head? Freaked out and refused to give her children back? Been placed in a padded cell? Gotten married? Supposedly, the last one is the truth. Star Magazine reports that Britney has impulsively gotten married to Adnan Ghalib, a paparazzi himself. Britney has not been known to be in a meaningful relationship since K-Fed and Azlynn Ghalib ended her own marriage to Adnan shortly before he flew to Mexico with the former pop star. Oops, did I say former?

So is it really true? Star sure thinks that it is and they say they have the proof to back it up.

“Our source on this was not in Rosarito Beach at the ceremony, but is very familiar with the fact that [wedding] documents exist.”

Star goes on to say,

Spears gave Ghalib $250,000 to grease AzLynn’s exit. She allegedly told her lawyers, who had imposed a grand-a-day spending limit, that she needed the cash for a new Mercedes.”

And it’s not that hard to believe when you consider the facts. Britney was only married to Jason Alexander for 55 hours before she got that marriage annulled. Her wedding to Kevin Federline was completely cuckoo from the very beginning. She impulsively proposed to him while they were in a plane on their way to the next tour stop. And their wedding took place under complete pretence when their guests thought they were coming for an engagement party.

So is Star Magazine right that Britney and Adnan exchanged vows on the fabulous beaches of Mexico? Sounds crazy and for Britney, that’s just about right.

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#1 OldSchool on 02.16.08 at 4:36 am

If it happened and that is a bit IF since the “source” wasn’t even there. Would it even be legal? His divorce would not have been final and I thought his wife just filed for a seperation

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