Lopez’s Manager Hates Her Hubby


Irving Azoff, Jennifer Lopez’s manager, is reported to have quit on the singer because he had problems with Lopez’s husband, Marc Anthony. Celebedge reports,

“They had a heated phone conversation last week and he sent her a letter of resignation, telling her in blunt terms that she was unprofessional and he was not happy with Marc Anthony being allowed to constantly meddle in her work.”

It’s no secret that ever since joining together in holy matrimony in 2004, Anthony has always played a big role in hercareer. I guess Azoff didn’t see it as a husband just wanting what was best for his wife. And Lopez doesn’t seem to mind her hubby being so involved either.

But Lopez’s team of representatives doesn’t see it the same way that Azoff’s do. Celebedge reports from Jennifer’s side of things as well,

“She let him go on Friday with no drama. We know nothing about a letter.”

I’m tend to believe Lopez’s side of things because who would walk away from that grand percentage of Jennifer’s cash just because you can’t seem to form a bond with her husband?

Marc Anthony has done great things for Jennifer Lopez, other than being involved in her career. Since meeting, Lopez says she no longers considers herself “JLo.” Celebedge also reportsher as saying,

J.Lo was just a bit of fun that got really crazy. I’ve never really been anyone but Jennifer.”

Whatever you want to call her, she is on top of the world right now, manager or not. She is seven months pregnant, reportedly by way of IUV. And in two months, she will be giving birth to twins. One  boy, and one girl. How could you have it any other way for this picture-perfect family?

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#1 Verna on 02.13.08 at 4:33 am

JLO will never admit her babies are by IVF, and its too good to be true that she’s having a boy and a girl. I bet she had that procedure where you get to pick out what embyro you want.

#2 OldSchool on 02.16.08 at 4:43 am

No matter how you slice it how and when a woman conceive is really only her and the father’s business

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