Oops…She’s Done it Again!

Yes, Britney Spears once again has the media whirling around her. (As if they ever stopped!) What has she done this time? Shaved her head? Freaked out and refused to give her children back? Been placed in a padded cell? Gotten married? Supposedly, the last one is the truth. Star Magazine reports that Britney has […]

Whachu Talkin Bout?

Who doesn’t remember Different Strokes and the line, “Whachu talkin bout, Willis?” made famous by young Gary Coleman. Now Coleman is 40 years old and has everyone asking that same question of him. It was recently revealed that Coleman was married in the summer of 2007. August 28, to be exact. The woman that he […]

Lopez’s Manager Hates Her Hubby

  Irving Azoff, Jennifer Lopez’s manager, is reported to have quit on the singer because he had problems with Lopez’s husband, Marc Anthony. Celebedge reports, “They had a heated phone conversation last week and he sent her a letter of resignation, telling her in blunt terms that she was unprofessional and he was not happy […]