One More Apple May Join Family Tree

gwyneth.jpgGwyneth Paltrow has recently said that she would like to have another child. But this time, she would like to adopt. When people hear of Hollywood blockbuster stars, such as this Shakespeare in Love actress, one automatically assumes that they are going to Vietnam or Africa to do the adopting. It’s refreshing to know that if she does adopt, Paltrow will be doing so right in the States. Probably not far from where she lives actually. A New Yorker at heart, Gwyneth said that she would probably adopt from Brooklyn. This is very refreshing as there are plenty of children in need that aren’t overseas. As quoted Gwyneth as saying,

“We might get one from Brooklyn. No baby is more helpless than another baby. And I’m a New York girl. People who have a lot often feel they have a lot to give.”

The decision seems to come more from her husband, Chris Martin, more than anyone. CelebrityWonder also showed Gwyneth saying,

“My husband wants to adopt. I’m sort of open for anything.”

Gwyneth and Chris already have two children, three year old Apple and Moses, who is twenty-two months. And with this next little one to join the family, it will certainly make for a nice picture. Now, should we start thinking of names? Maybe Paypaya, or Mango?

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