Jennifer Love Hewitt Gets An Early V-Day Surprise!

3279_74566_love003_122_958lo1.jpgAwww. Why can’t all the men go out and buy us early Valentine’s Day presents? Seems sooo unfair that Jennifer Love Hewitt should get an enormous white, and ever so cute teddy bear, while the rest of us sit and home and bake 9,000 cupcakes for our kids to take to school. From I’m Not Obsessed:

“Would you look at the size of that teddy bear?!? I don’t even know if I should be calling it a teddy bear since it’s practically human sized. Looks like Jennifer Love Hewitt’s fiance, Ross McCall decided to surprise her with an early Valentine’s Day gift. What a sweetheart! Gifts on Valentine’s Day are great, but gifts for no special reason at all are even better (hint HINT to all the guys out there reading this)! So do any readers have any romantic getaways or fun surprises planned for your special someone? ”

Yeah, readers! Shouldn’t you be showering me with gifts?! After I’ve tirelessly slaved away all year to bring you the hottest news in celebrity scandals and heartbreak? Anni teases! Here’s hoping that everyone gets an enormous Valentine’s Day huggy bear!

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