Michelle Williams Attends Heath Ledger’s Funeral On Saturday

michelle_williams240.jpgThe funeral of the much swooned over, Heath Ledger took place in his hometown in Australia on Saturday, where Michelle Williams attended with their daughter, Matilda. No doubt, the entire crowd was devastated at the loss of such a bright young man, and it’s a sad fact, that living hard means dying young. From People:

Michelle Williams and her two-year-old daughter arrived in Perth, Australia, Wednesday afternoon local time for Heath Ledger‘s funeral.

Williams, wearing a black dress and black sunglasses, held Matilda in her arms as they exited the plane under heavy security. Matilda clung to a stuffed rabbit as more than five police officers and airport security escorted them into an elevator.

Williams‘s arrival comes one day after Ledger‘s father, Kim, mother Sally and sister Kate all returned home from the U.S.

From the airport, Williams and Matilda (who was wearing a striped dress and was covered with a blanket) headed to Heath‘s mom’s house in the suburb of Applecross. Soon afterward, guests began dropping by to pay their respects. One woman delivered a bouquet of flowers and Kim Ledger’s wife, Ines, dropped off a covered casserole dish.”

It’s been stated before; Heath Ledger‘s death was a sad, senseless event, and his own self-abuse led up to the point. If nothing else, I think Heath‘s friends, and fellow actors need to take a look around, and realize what they are really doing to themselves.

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