McCartney’s Divorce Shrouded in Secrecy

mccartney.jpgPaul McCartney and his wife, Linda Mills, from whom he’s separated, returned to court today to reach a financial settlement. Rumours have it that McCartney could have as much as $1.6 billion dollars in assets while others say that it is closer to $390 million. But really, who’s counting after the first hundred million? Or the second for that matter?

OMG Yahoo says,

“Current estimates suggest that Heather is likely to receive anything from 50 million to 100 million pounds. That sum is equivalent to $100 million to $200 million.”

And all of this will come from representing herself as Mills fired her team of lawyers last year. OMG Yahoo also said,

“Press reports have also suggested that McCartney has offered Mills around $50 million, and that she is seeking at least double that amount.”

Both McCartney and Mills arrived at the courthouse but neither of them were talking. A polite “Good morning,” was all that McCartney said to a group of reporters. And despite the cameras, the helicopters, the reporters, and anything else a circus might need, no one knows exactly what went on behind those doors. The session was held in Court 34, which had a sign posted that stated,

“No Admittance – Strictly Private,”

as reported by OMG Yahoo.

McCartney and Mills were married in June 2002, four years after McCartney lost his first wife, Linda, to breast cancer. Beatrice McCartney, Paul and Heather’s daughter was born in October 2003. 2006 saw the couple split up with a seperation and when McCartney filed for divorce, his reasoning was, “unreasonable behaviour” on the part of Mills.

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