A Complicated Shopping Trip

gisele-bundchen-shopping-288-101.jpggisele-bundchen-shopping-288-10.jpggisele-bundchen-shopping-288-10.jpgIt’s amazing what can happen in the Hollywood world! One day you’re in love, the next broken up. And the day after that? You’re shopping with your ex’s mother! Gossip Girls states:

“Supermodel looked her lovely self as she was spotted out on a shopping trip in Malibu on Friday (February 8).  And in a situation that would be uncomfortable for most people, she was joined by the mother of her ex-boyfriend, .”

Yes, even though Giselle Bundchen, supermodel and actor Leonardo DiCaprio broke up sometime ago, Giselle was seen out shopping with Irmelin Indenbirken (aka Leonardo’s mom.) It’s a wonder that Gisele isn’t spending her time comforting her quarterback boyfriend, Tom Brady after his big Superbowl loss.

Is Brady worried that she’s still keeping in touch with the family? And how does Bar Refaeli (seems supermodels are his thing,) Leo’s newest girlfriend, feel about it? Or Leonardo himself, for that matter? Like I said, it’s amazing what can happen in the Hollywood world because I just can’t see this happening a whole lot in the “real” world.

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#1 Bethany on 02.10.08 at 6:04 pm

That is not Irmelin.

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