Michelle Williams Mourns Ledger

Among the mourners at Heath Ledger’s memorial service on Saturday morning was Michelle Williams, the late actors former fiance. After the service, as people were jumping into the ocean, Williams was also dragged in there – sundress, sunglasses, and all. According to People Magazine, “At least 50 people attending the wake ran onto the beach […]

Is Kate Hudson Hiding a Bump?

One of the things that female celebs constantly need to deal with is their admirers analyzing their bellies to determine: bump, no bump? It looks like Kate Hudson may be trying her best to hide a bump. Celebitchy says: ” There are some candids of Kate out with her son, Ryder, earlier on Wednesday and […]

Lynne & Jamie Spears Angry At Hospital For Releasing Britney Early

Well, hell, I would be too. Considering the insane crap that Britney‘s going through, and her very short stay at the hospital, I doubt much help has really been given. That’s the thing with celebrities though. Despite all attempts to “help” Britney Spears is going to do whatever she wants. She’s an adult, and even […]