Angelina Jolie Goes Tromping Around Pregnant In Iraq


Once again, the world has gone mad. Could any woman show less concern for her unborn child? The sheer limits to which some people will go to for fame, is insane. Angelina Jolie is currently, wandering around Baghdad with a bullet proof vest on over her baby belly. I have a news flash for you, hunny. If you get shot in the vest, your kid isn’t going to make it. From Us Magazine:

“A pregnant Angelina Jolie joined U.S. Military in central Baghdad’s heavily-fortified Green Zone on Thursday.Jolie, 32 — who is on a refugee fact-finding mission — also met with officials from the United Nations and the U.S. embassy.

“She’s here in her official capacity to talk to government officials, the military and the United Nations about Iraq’s refugees and displaced persons,” Staffan de Mistura, the U.N. envoy to Baghdad, told Reuters.

In an interview with CNN this morning,Jolie — who is not traveling with beau Brad Pitt or her children — said she felt compelled to come to the war-torn region to bring attention to the plight of refugees.

“I felt I had to come here because it is very difficult to get answers about the internally displaced people,” she said.

Jolie is a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.”

In any light this could possibly be looked at in, Angelina Jolie, as a pregnant woman, has no business carting around in an area in Iraq in which you need to wear a bullet proof vest. Movie stars do not impress the overseas government. As a matter of fact, religious beliefs over there are similar enough to Christianity, although more firmly practiced, that women behave as caregivers, and modesty is highly enforced. Angelina Jolie‘s appearance as a strong, pregnantmother of several children, stomping around in combat boots makes her look more like the Antichrist than the Savior she’s obviously trying to be. Ironic, that while the really crazy people are out doing really crazy things, Britney Spears was committed because she hadn’t slept in three or four days. Wow.


I love how much you guys actually care that I’ve been so naught about the Angelina Jolie being a hypocrite thing! For the rest of you guys that -love- how stupid Angelina Jolie is, take a look at the story I wrote a while ago, about . Musicisourhigh/AThinker, you’re one of our frequent commenters, and readers (to which I thank you most abundantly) even you have to admit, this kind of back and forth opinion onthe subject of weapons seems a tad fishy. Being anti-war and pro-gun, is kind of a precarious political stance, that I don’t see Angelina Jolie explaining any time soon. Thank you, Patti, I knew I had some support out there somewhere!

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#1 Patti on 02.08.08 at 4:39 am

Thank you for being honest about this nutcase! Your article states exactly what the majority of people feel…except the true Brangelina nuts. I’m so glad that the media, as well as, the general public, is starting to se them for what they really are. Mediawhores!!

#2 AThinker on 02.08.08 at 6:40 am

give me a break. Anything can happen, any place. She is doing her job and I am sure her and the UN made as many precautions as they can.

I doubt that anyone with a brain would view her as the AntiChrist (especially if they are religious since I’m sure they would have taken the time to at least know the signs of the AntiChrist)

#3 Neil on 02.08.08 at 9:54 am

Ha Ha Ha. You so funny. There you go, you gotta hit.

#4 courtney on 02.08.08 at 11:26 am

what job? she has no job! she’s there on her own (not sponsored by the UN) getting publicity for herself.

#5 she makes me yak on 02.11.08 at 5:34 am

Thank you for pointing out her hypocrisy against war, and then letting her child wear a gun necklace and have a military-themed birthday party. Screw her. It’s like her hypocrisy with her being “devastated” by her mother’s death. Give me a break! She spent the previous six months gallivanting all over the world and then says “boo hoo, feel sorry for me, my mother died!” Forget it. Her mother had cancer for what, six years? And she spent that time filming, adopting, fucking around,and doing her do-gooder work. My parents are elderly and I’ll tell you right now, if I had to, I’d fly home this morning and be there, and I don’t have the monetary luxury of doing so— SHE DID. So she can eff off. What a miserable hyporcrite. And I’m not even going to go into the “I’m going to stay home with my kids!” bit,and the “Oh, I would never sleep with a married man” and don’t forget “Our affair started after the movie ended”. What a load of crap. Why does anyone believe a word she says?

#6 Patti on 02.11.08 at 6:07 pm

Oh, you have more support than you know! I think the general public has had enough of these two and their phony publicity stunts. Keep up the good-great work!!

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