DeAnna Pappas: A Reject Gets Another Chance!

d-blog.jpgIf only life were like Hollywood; full of glamour, plastic surgery, and drama. Well, I guess some lives are like that. One celebrity life I particularly wouldn’t want is that of DeAnna Pappas. At least a little while ago. She was subject to a massive burn, when she was rejected on the show ‘The Bachelor.’ Now the officials at ABC in their infinite wisdom have selected her to be the star in a new season of ‘The Bachelorette.’ From Us Magazine:

“After getting dissed on the last season of The Bachelor, DeAnna Pappas will get another shot at finding love on TV.

Pappas, 26, a real estate agent from Newnan, Georgia, will headline thenext season of ABC’s The Bachelorette, airing this summer.

Pappas endured a painful, last-minute rejection by Brad Womack on the Bachelor finale last November.

Even though he had even flown her father in and implied he was going to pick her, he rejected Pappas, as well as the show’s other finalist, Jenni Croft.

DeAnna and I had something that’s pretty special. But I did not see this crazy love that would turn into a lifetime,” Womack explained to Us.

Tell Us: Do you think DeAnna will find love this time around?”

Well, isn’t that the entire point of the show? DeAnna will get to choose amongst the several males available to her on the show. Although, with any luck, therewon’t be a midget on the show amongst the choices. With all due respect to small people around the world, of course. I thought the addition of a midget on I Love New York 2 was idiotic, and insulting; someone as shallow and trashy as a celebrity is rarely capable of seeing past her own fat head, and cheap weave.

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