K-Fed: Father Of The Year!

federlinekevin.jpgAHAHAHAHAHA! Seriously, no, I’m not sh*tting you. And what else can you really say, other than laughing your ass off? Some moronic magazine, led apparently by the greatest of imbeciles, has named Kevin Federline “Father of the Year.” …For doing what, may I ask? For showing the world that a fake Slim Shady, wannabe rapper, white-trash, not even that good back up dancer, can impregnate a pop singer, and be normal, while she spins off into celebrity hell? Rant over. From L.A. Rag Mag:

“We are guessing Hell has frozen over…

Details magazine has named Kevin Federline its Father of the Year, WTF. Remember people, this is the sleazy guy from Fresno that left his pregnant wife for Britney. He is a back up dancer.”

You ain’t lyin’. From AZ Central:

Kevin Federline has been named ‘Dad of the Year.’ The ex-husband of Britney Spears has been praised for stepping up his fathering skills by Details magazine. Federline’s friends insist he always was a great father.

DJ Irie, a pal of Federline’s, said, “He is an all-round great dad. For most guys in Kevin’s situation, home would be the ultimate bachelor pad. But for Kevin, he made it all about the kids. He’s got toys everywhere. You can totally tell it’s all about the kids at home.”

Another friend of the aspiring rapper is enraged that Kevin is only now being recognized as a good father. The insider said, “It makes me furious when people say, ‘Oh great – he’s taking responsibility.’ He’s always been a great father. He’s been there in every way for all of his kids.”


So he’s a great parent… compared to Britney Spears? In that case, there are probably a few homeless people, and convicted felons floating around that could get the award too. My guess is the magazine is just trying to suck up, or, the editor is extremely dim. I also agree in part with the second friend in the quote from AZ Central. Why is he just now being recognized as such a great parent? In this day and age, you’re a great parent if you don’t drown your kids in the bath tub, and if none of your kids grow up to be serial killers.

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