Jessica Simpson & Tony Romo: NOT DUNZO!

jessica_simpson1alt_300_400.jpgHa! For once, it’s not the blogs that have screwed things up, it’s one of our major sources of info! That’s right, you guessed it; a celebrity magazine! OK! Magazine, to be specific, has screwed itself in the ass, and has published an article containing false information about Jessica Simpson‘s personal life, that it will not soon live down. From TMZ:

Jessica Simpson is fighting mad about an OK! magazine article about her relationship with Tony Romo — and she’s called in the dogs — aka, her lawyers.

Jess is pissed over an article titled “Jessica Dumped!” that appeared in the February 4 issue of the mag. The article claims Tony dumped Jessica after his team was eliminated from the NFL playoffs. Simpson‘s attorneys say the article is “utterly false” and “is based on nothing more than rumor, gossip and innuendo.” The article also claims Jessica‘s sister Ashlee has attempted to “distance herself” from her sis. The lawyers say that’s B.S. too.

Simpson‘s lawyers have sent a letter to OK!’s Editor-in-Chief, Sarah Ivens, claiming OK!’s article is bogus, adding that Jess and Tony are still together and that Ashlee and Jessica remain close. The attorneys say the article reflects a “smear campaign” and has subjected Simpson to “public contempt, ridicule, aversion or disgrace.”

The lawyers want OK! to “immediately publish a prominent and unambiguous” retraction.”

So apparently, Jessica and Romo are still fine, despite the retarded fans whining about Romo being distracted by Jessica. God, what a bunch of stupid rednecks. Honestly, I know fans are important to a player’s career, just like an actor’s, but how can a group of people be so ignorant? I’ve always had a soft spot for Jessica Simpson. She could have a Ph.D in Nuclear Physics, and people would still put her down. Her entire acting reputation is built on people thinking she’s a moron. The worst thing about it is, unlike Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson attracts very little drama. I think she needs a hug.

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#1 blondie on 01.25.08 at 2:58 am

i love Jessica Simpson. She does deserve a hug! What a sweet adorable young woman!!

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