Amy Winehouse Is Still A Hopelessly Romantic Lunatic

Despite the fact that her husband Blake Fielder-Civil is in jail for allegedly committing crimes that are so horribly wicked and foul that I can’t remember them, Amy Winehouse is still completely infatuated with him. Apparently, while in court, watching her husband in the fetching attire of a convict, Amy was so overcome with love, […]

Comparisons Made Between Britney Spears and Princess Diana

Ever since Rose O’Donnell compared the media frenzy surrounding Britney Spears to that of Princess Diana, media, and especially the paparazzi, have been on the defensive. Both women have beenfollowed around the clock and photographed as many times as the photographers can click their handy dandy little cameras. Spears’ recent late night car chase involving […]

Chris Noth & Tara Wilson Welcome A Baby Boy!

Chris Noth, the hot old guy from Sex and the City, and his girlfriend of quite some time have welcomed into the big world of showbiz, a precious little boy, as of Friday. The little cutie’s name is Orion Christopher Noth, after a star system, and his daddy, apparently. From People: “Chris Noth and long-time […]

Marc Anthony & Jennifer Lopez: Celebrating The New Baby(ies?)!

Jennifer Lopez is finally experiencing what it’s like to weigh as much as a chicken shed, while Marc Anthony looks even paler than usual lately. Ah, the joy of impending parenthood. Jennifer is due in just a few weeks, and they’re celebrating the new arrival with a baby shower. Naturally, I’m sure the party will […]