Lindsay Lohan’s Not Quite Six Feet Under

lindsey.jpgWell, it looks like Lindsay Lohan is just another working stiff – in the morgue, that is. As part of her public service for her misdemeanor drunk driving offense, she will spend two days (eight hours total) in a morgue. In addition to her graveyard shift, she will also spend two days volunteering in a hospital’s emergency room. She has already spent two months in rehab (as if it’s done any good) and other community service as part of her plea bargain sentence.

The morgue and E/R duties are designed to show drunk drivers the possible consequences of their selfish act of driving while drunk. Let’s hope dead people and seriously injured people will knock some sense into Lindsay.

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#1 lindsyisabitch on 01.24.08 at 2:20 pm

lindy u whore, stop doing drug and got to rehab and stay their!!!!

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