Connected:The Low Down On T-Mobile’s New Web Series


The Connected web series created to tie in with the new T-Mobile Sidekick is true patronization of the typical Hollywood archetypes. From the Connected website:

“You win some, and you definitely lose some—especially if you’re at The Agency. David Newman is just trying to keep his clients happy, and trying to keep them in his agency! In the mix are: Amy, a teen movie star with a rep for wild partying and drama; Russell, an aspiring comedian who can’t find the right foot to start on; Quincy, a fresh-from-film-school director with a little indie cred and looking for his first big hit; Jane, a budding singer-songwriter who’s looking for an identity; Alex, music producer, best friend, gamer; and Emily, his trusty assistant and eyes and ears. Catch the Hollywood series everyone is texting about!”

So you have the greedy, indifferent but comedic agent with a few redeeming qualities, David Newman. Then there are his clients, a bunch of half-wit talents, that drive him insane. Russell is an aspiring comedian with no common sense, and no sense of humour.Quincy is a director just out of college, with minimal credit for an indie film, with ideas for films that seem to have been developed during the wrong half of a really packed bong. Amy, a teen star gone drama queen, with a reputation for being just like Britney Spears. Jane has actual talent as she develops into a musician, while Alex produces music, naturally obsessed with gaming, not unlike the rest of American males. And last but not least, David’s assistant Emily, who works her ass off for very little recognition, just like all assistants. Having watched both seasons of Connected, I’m pretty impressed. It’s funny, and I see more from the actors coming in the future.

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