Britney Spears Pregnancy Rumors

Britney Spears and her married boyfriend, Adnan Ghalib,were spotted in a Rite Aid (tres chic)drug store looking at in-home pregnancy tests. The odd couple deny any pregnancy and say it’s just a joke to send the paparazzi and rumor mill into a frenzy.

I, for one, hope it’s a joke. She’s already lost two of her children because of her lousy parenting skills. I’d hate to think she’d have any influence on another child. (Shudder)

Other odd Britney news: She’s been sporting a British accent lately. People close to her claim that she has multiple personalities and when the “Brit girl” appears, the redneck Britney doesn’t remember a thing.

Hm, maybe the “Brit girl” is the one who is pregnant, while the redneck one isn’t. Then again, if Britney’s history is any indication, she does seem to like popping out those rugrats. Maybe she wants to be pregnant at the same time as her knocked up teenage sister, Jamie Lynn Spears. Who knows with Britney Spears. But what I want to know is: just how crazy is this AdnanGhalib? He can’t be too mentally stable to be lovey dovey with the mentally challenged Britney. On the other hand, he could be crazy like a fox. After all, he is a paparazzi. I bet he’s getting quite a story, and once he breaks up with crazy Britney, will write quite best selling book about his rubber room experience with her.

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