Joe Pesci & Angie Everheart: Still Engaged!

Waaaay back in July, of 2007, Angie Everheart and Joe Pesci got engaged, I personally made note of it in a little link found in the main story about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. From HollywoodHeartbreaker:

Joe Pesci, the ultimate movie mobster, and Angie Everhart, Sports Illustrated model, and notorious for dating royalty, are … engaged. Weird, eh?”

joe-pesciangie-everhart.jpgApparently, the wise but slow people over at TMZ are just now finding out about it. From TMZ:

“How on Earth did Joe Pesci convince Angie Everhart to marry him?

TMZ caught the odd couple closing down Ago last night. Pesci was there with his former Sports Illustrated model fiancee just a week after cameras spotted him with a car full of other hotties — but not Everhart.

Angie doesn’t have the best track record; she was engaged to Rambotox himself, Sylvester Stallone, and once said Howard Stern was, “the best sex I’ve ever had.””

Howard Stern? -Cringe.-He’s not even that funny. Gross. As hot as Angie Everheart is, she’s also kind of a groupie for Hollywood’s freaks. I wouldn’t be surprised if her next big challenge was Weird Al, or Pee Wee Herman. And despite Joe Pesci being the ultimate mobster badass… he’s freaking ancient! Pesci looks like a damn wax figure. It’s creepy. So one has to wonder why Everhart would be willing to sleep with someone who looks like he just stepped out of a Tim Burton movie. I’m guessing the money must be damn good; it’d have to be.

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