Are Paris Hilton & K-Fed …You Know… Doing It?

Paris Hilton and Kevin Federline have been partying together more frequently lately, and Sunday was the latest soirée that they spent together. Afterwards, it’s rumoured that the two spent some time together, hanging out in Paris Hilton‘s room on Saturday. Liars, and trollops, and beers, oh my! From People: “The unlikely duo of Kevin Federline […]

Oh No! Miley Cyrus Has Naughty Photos On The Internet!

….That really aren’t all that naughty. As a matter of fact, the photos shown here are pretty innocent, as far as anything sexual goes. For someone her age, Miley Cyrus has been growing up fairly well, considering her celebrity connections, and heritage. Kissing a friend, or pretending to kiss with candy in one’s mouth, is […]