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Katherine Heigl; All Time Idiot?

Katherine Heigl is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Recently, she was interviewed by Vanity Fair, for theirJanuary issue, where she tells the world that she has basically, no faith in marriage, by calling it a craps shoot. And here’s the great part; Katherine is engaged. Although, with that attitude, probably not for very […]

Sylvester Stallone Gets Wife’s Portrait Tattooed On His Shoulder

Jennifer Flavin, wife of Sylvester Stallone, popularly known as “Rocky” even though, –as a side note, it kind of pisses me off that people call him that, the man has a name, gosh, –now has a lovely portrait of herself on Stallone‘s enormous shoulder and bicep. Not only is that sweet, it’s kind of hot […]

Gabriel Aubry Is Sucking Up To Pregnant Halle Berry

Yes, it’s that time for Gabriel Aubry, as it is for almost every man in the world; eventually most have to deal with a pregnant woman. Hey, it’s not always Halle Berry, but they all get pampered, and Halle even moreso. Her boyfriend is falling into the ways of true manhood; surviving a pregnancy. From […]

Brody Jenner & Lauren Conrad; On Or Off?

Apparently, some people are waiting for a big bang between the two stars of The Hills, Lauren Conrad and Brody Jenner, are in for a slight disappointment. Brody Jenner insiststhat there is nothing romantic going on between the two, despite popular opinions amongst fans. From People: “For Hills fans hoping for a finale love declaration […]