Jessica Alba: Knocked Up!

What a way to salvage a perfectly ruined relationship. Jessica Alba is confirming her pregnancy, and way to go Cele|bitchy for being one of the first to suspect a baby bump underneath that dress. Supposedly, Cash Warren is the father, but if I were him, I’d be getting a blood test. That poor man; Jessica Alba has put him through hell, and she’s lucky to have him now. From Yahoo News:

“NEW YORK – Jessica Alba and her boyfriend, producer Cash Warren, are expecting a baby.

Alba‘s publicist, Brad Cafarelli, said Wednesday in an e-mail to The Associated Press.

The couple met on the set of “The Fantastic Four.” Alba co-starred in the 2005 film and Warren was a director’s assistant, according to People magazine, which first reported Alba‘s pregnancy on its Web site.

Alba, 26, stars in the new thriller “Awake,” and recently appeared in “Good Luck Chuck” and “The Ten.” The sex symbol first gained fame as an action star on TV’s “Dark Angel,” then in films including “Fantastic Four” and “Sin City.””

Well, as nasty a thing as it is for me to say, this might be something that keeps the couple together, but unless Jessica‘s attitude about being committed changes, all I see in the future for these two is a short marriage, a quick divorce, and a long future of sharing their kid. Advice; get your heads out of your asses, and see a damn couple therapist.

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#1 ~INfeRNal~ on 12.14.07 at 12:14 am

I’m a Adherent Of you Jessica Alba

#2 The Mysogenist on 05.05.08 at 6:43 pm

Damn. Now she’s ruined. She should abort the parasite before it defiles the work of art that is her body.

#3 Yam on 05.15.08 at 1:15 am

good lordy! Those of us with solid relationships barely survive the sleep deprived hell that is children… They put unbelievable strain on even the best marriages. I don’t know how anyone with a rocky relationship can think a kid is going to resolve their problems. I give it max a year before she’s a single mama.

#4 Emmanuel Caceres on 05.19.08 at 4:32 pm

I ‘m a little dissapointed in Jessica even though I really admire her because is pointless having a child with a man or person that cheats on you and she knows better.she should wake up and pay attention to the reality and stop being blind with that idiot of Cash also she is wasting time with that guy cause if I were her I”ll give him the big boot by now and never get back with a cheater also once a cheater always a cheater.I’m very concern about Jessica as much as Vera the model is and just because some women think in general that by being pregnant or having a child they’re gonna keep a man or some men trap or next to them they’re wrong because a child did not ask to come to the world which are very innocent and have no fault of what goes on or problems between adults.A child is a blessing and gift of God and it could had been my child instead because Jessica and I have the same story also my friend Thomas Romero told her everything about me and why she got back with that traitor she gonna regret that when she realize also she should dump this guy immediately that she should of done that after the affair Cash had with that model.I don’t like this guy at all and his name also don’t a female child Honor that I always liked it Laila, Triana,or Antonela also I wrote to Jessica recently and gave very important advices and it was a Birthday letter along with a Spanish lesson for her and her brother Joshua to practice very night before bed without failing to practice both languages are a must in these generations also the doors will always be open for Alba and her family that I will always support her as an admire and as a friend and whenever she needs support I”ll be there cause very time I see her I see the lights of heaven I see God in her also it was the public especially God that got Alba and her Bro where they’re at and if it wasn’t for that they wouldn’t be there that’s why they can’t discriminate people that doesn’t do their occupations which means jobs only because they are no celebrities she a regular person too a human being she’s not untouchable not unreachable not impossible she can’t forget where she came from and where God put her he can take her away from it too.She’s there today tomorrow she’s not cause hollywood only use people get them hurt them abuse them push them to aside threat them later give them the big boot no longer need them and easily replace them.God is the only true love and salvation have faith Alba that’s what moves the mountain don’t lose it and if Warren fool you one like he did with Vera behind your back he’ll do it again. please call one day looking forward to meet you and get to know you step by step(718)563-0919or(646)260-0106 Good Bless you JA Emmanuel Caceres.

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