Brody Jenner & Lauren Conrad; On Or Off?

jenner_conrad180.jpgApparently, some people are waiting for a big bang between the two stars of The Hills, Lauren Conrad and Brody Jenner, are in for a slight disappointment. Brody Jenner insiststhat there is nothing romantic going on between the two, despite popular opinions amongst fans. From People:

“For Hills fans hoping for a finale love declaration between Lauren “LC” Conrad and Brody Jenner, don’t hold your breath.

Rumored to be dating on and off for more than a year, Jenner denies that he and Conrad were ever an item.

“There’s nothing romantic—it’s never really been like that,” Jenner, 24, told PEOPLE Friday at N.Y.C.’s newly opened nightclub Touch. “I love Lauren. She is a great friend of mine.”

Jenner, who was in town promoting his new Archangel jewelry and clothing line, was somewhat more coy when asked about The Hills‘ Dec. 10 season finale, however.

“My contract really doesn’t allow me to talk about that stuff.” Jenner said.”

That’s not really coy, is it? That’s more like,”You’re going to get me sued, go away.” And an entire clothing line? I didn’t even think Brody Jenner was that well-known. I mean, he’s a T.V. star. Whooptido.

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#1 Musicisourhigh on 12.06.07 at 6:42 am

who cares the relationship is for the cameras anyway

#2 k on 01.03.08 at 3:13 pm

actually brody is pretty big. He would be a celebrity without the show. Look at who he has dated. And that was before the hills. That shows he was already big and if you know more about him and his parents you would know.

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