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Jamie Lynn Spears’s Baby Daddy: UNKNOWN!

There are reports from many sources both out there in the big world, and over the Internet, that Casey Aldridge is not the father of Jamie Lynn Spears‘s baby. Not only that, but the actual paternity is suspected to be from a much older man, –which means that since Jamie Lynn is only 16 years […]

Riley Giles Tells All On Lindsay Lohan’s Sex-Crazedness! The Horror!

Oh yes, it’s true! The backwater has risen up like bile to come forward and crush Lindsay Lohan‘s practically virginal reputation! My god, who knew she was a slut?! Not I! Can you believe it, ladies and gentlemen? Lindsay Lohan has sex! Lots of it! Ahem. Moving on. Yeah, so, in order to claim his […]

Retarded Football Fans Blame Bad Game On Jessica Simpson

Oh yes, it’s true. Tony Romo suffered in the “worst game of his career” last week, and his fans believe that it is because his new girlfriend, Jessica Simpson, is distracting him. Gee, that’s mature. Not only are they making outrageous claims about her mere presence, they’re also distributing masks of her face. From People: […]

Josh Kelley & Katherine Heigl Get Hitched In Utah Y’all!

The musician and actress decided to tie the knot in Park City, Utah, of all the places. T.R. Knight reportedly said that the private event was “incredible.” Aw, that’s adorable. From People: “With a light snow falling outside, Katherine Heigl exchanged vows with musician Josh Kelley in scenic Park City, Utah. The private reception was […]

Eddie Van Halen & Valerie Bertinelli: DUNZO! … After 26 Years whole foods green juice

Eddie Van Halen and Valerie Bertinelli have been together for ages, not to mention, having lived through a lot as well. Just think… twenty-six years; the lemonade smoothie and the couple survived through marital issues, career differences, raising a son, Madonna’s early music, and leg warmers. From TMZ: “TMZ has confirmed that rocker Eddie Van […]

Jessica Sierra: Pregnant, In Jail, In Porn

Not only is Jessica Sierra in a range of charming little home movies starring her tits, ass, and snatch in the leading roles, as well as being in jail for various little illegal bits of fun, but Jessica is also pregnant with a little Christmas bundle of joy! From TMZ: “Holy Jamie Lynn! TMZ has […]

Jamie Lynn Spears Knocked Up-Date!

In July, we reported on Jamie Lynn Spears being pregnant, as per quoted within the National Enquirer, and it was blown into a wild, “Nuh uh!” ordeal throughout the media. Before I go any further, the first thing I wanna say to all of my non-believers is “HAHA! Told you so!” and the second question […]

Greg Norman & Chris Evert: Engaged!

At a golf tournament in South Africa the other day, the two famous sports celebrities, Greg Norman and Chris Evert announced the engagement. Both of them have been divorced in the past year from their spouses, and seem to have found what they were looking for. From People: “Sports legends Chris Evert and Greg Norman […]

Chace Crawford & Carrie Underwood Spend A Romantic Evening With Oompa Loompas

Not my idea of romance really, although it would be nice if I could drag my boyfriend in to watch some kids’ movies with me. Carrie Underwood and Chace Crawford got all cute, and sweet while watching performing little men. Bizarre, but hey, you can’t knock other people’s fetishes, I suppose. From People: “Happy Anniversary, […]

Eva Longoria & Tony Parker: DUNZO?!

Well, we aren’t sure exactly. According to some skank out there, floating around, she says that she’s letting Tony Parker do all sorts of fun things to her, because Tony Parker complains, claims said skanky female, of Eva Longoria being a cold fish in bed. From The Times Of India: “Eva Longoria and hubby Tony […]

Jessica Alba: Knocked Up!

What a way to salvage a perfectly ruined relationship. Jessica Alba is confirming her pregnancy, and way to go Cele|bitchy for being one of the first to suspect a baby bump underneath that dress. Supposedly, Cash Warren is the father, but if I were him, I’d be getting a blood test. That poor man; Jessica […]

Jodie Foster Finally Acknowledges Her Lesbian Lover

Jodie Foster has been pretty honest about her sexual orientation, and most people have known for a while that she is a lesbian. However, only recently has she gone the extra mile and actually acknowledged her lover in public. I wonder why the sudden change? After twenty years of keeping themselves pretty private, what could […]

Does Lindsay Lohan Have A New Toy?

Lindsay Lohan was spotted at a restaurant kissing on some unknown male thing, not only once, but twice! Is this just some weekly flavor… or has she found a replacement for the poor, ditched Riley Giles? From TMZ: “Cameras caught Lindsay Lohan kissing on a guy who could be Riley Giles‘ replacement. Movin’ on up! […]

Kate Hudson & Chris Robinson: Making Up?

TMZ spied Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson strolling along together with their son, Ryder, in West Village. The ex-couple look fairly comfortable with each other, so perhaps some sort of reunion may be in the making. We can all hope for the best. From TMZ: “Not even something like le divorce can stop Kate Hudson […]

Spencer Pratt & Heidi Montag: Wedding Off!

…As if it were ever actually going to happen, of course. The so-called “reality” show celebrities have called off their engagement/wedding. Personally, I doubt if there was ever going to be a wedding anyway; most reality shows are total BS. The Hills is one of the things I avoid watching on television. Personally, cartoons are […]

Matt Lauer Is A Hypocritical Ass

So, Matt Lauer sat with Britney Spears, on ‘Today’, bold-facedly questioning her parenting skills, and why she would ever drive a car with her child in her lap. And then, this same self-righteous imbecile gets caught –on camera, riding in the back of an SUV with his kid in his lap. Nice one, chief. From […]

Kanye West Is Getting Married!

According to the National Enquirer, Kanye West has been enlightened as to just how quickly life passes us by, after the untimely and shocking loss of his mother, and he has decided to marry his fiancee, Alexis Phifer as soon as the holidays are over. From the National Enquirer: “Kanye West has a heart-rending final […]

Hilary Duff Isn’t Ready For Marriage

Hilary Duff told Cosmopolitan magazine is a recent interview that she just isn’t ready for marriage. Of course, the rest of us star-savvy are wondering whether or not that might have anything to do with her ex, Joel Madden preparing for his baby with Nicole Richie. I would be a little bitter too. From People: […]

Nicole Richie & Joel Madden Give 100 Expecting Mothers A Baby Shower

Joel Madden and Nichole Richie as part of their foundation, “The Richie Madden Children’s Foundation” gaveout over $200,000 worth of baby gifts and supplies to 100 expecting mothers at an L.A. free clinic. From People: “Not many kids have a foundation launched in their honor before they’re born. But that will be one of the […]

Tony Romo & Jessica Simpsom: Showing Off In Public

Tony Romo, celebrity man whore, and star of the Dallas Cowboys, is now dating Jessica Simpson. She does tend to attract the not so great, and this guy is definitely low on the scoreboard in my book. First of all, he dated Britney Spears. That says it all. From People: “The Dallas Cowboys had the […]