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Alicia Keys Is Not A Lesbian… She Wants You To Know

Fabio Wants To Kick George Clooney’s Ass

Britney Spears Can’t Drive With Her Kids Anymore

Is Jessica Alba Pregnant?

Rachael Ray Whines About Gossip On Her Marriage flower shops near me

Rachael Ray, the order flowers online canada and the food channel diva, is pissy because her marriage is constantly being written about in tabloids. Well, it’s hard to find a female celebrity that’s anti-publicity, but she’s quite adamant that her marriage is perfectly fine. I don’t want to negate Rachael‘s statement in any way, –actually, […]

Pamela Anderson Is Servicing The Homeless mulberry website

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Paris Hilton’s Ex Business Partner; Dirty Sleaze Bag Rapist

Rihanna Crashes Wedding With Slutty Behavior

Prince Harry & Girlfriend: DUNZO!

The British royal family are a strange bunch, but, surprisingly, Prince Harry did manage to hang onto a girlfriend for over three years. Surprising, since most women would break their backs trying to get at him, and probably did a few times. So any long term relationship is fairly amazing. From People: “Prince Harry and […]

Sara Rue & Weird Looking Hubby: DUNZO!

Kanye West’s Mother Dies

Kanye West, one of my very most favorite musicians, gets a spot tonight, for the loss of his mother, Donda, who encouraged his career, and supported him throughout his life, in all aspects. Although it might not be Britney Spears, screwing her mailman, this truly is, ladies and gentlemen, thoroughly heartbreaking. From People: “Donda West, […]

Nicollette Sheridan & Michael Bolton Having A Baby?

Michael Bolton is going to be a daddy at the age of 54. Wow. Nicollette Sheridan is fairly younger in comparison, but not by all that much. Either way, she’s a beautiful woman, and practically beaming as well. Michael and Nicollette both have a pretty non-drama way of conducting themselves, and manage to stay out […]

Is Britney Spears Pregnant Again?

The other day when Britney Spears was out and about, doing the usual clothes shopping and such, some moron yelled out “She’s pregnant!” Was he talking about Britney, or his cycloptic, club-footed girlfriend? From TMZ: “BritBrit was out and about yesterday doing the usual, shopping on photog-filled Robertson Blvd., but this time she was shopping […]

J-Lo Comes Clean

Jennifer Lopez has finally decided that she wants to tell people she’s pregnant. Whoop-ti-do. Most of the known world knew this before she did. Terribly nosy society today, aren’t we? Her and Marc Anthony broke the news over J-Lo‘s enormous baby belly, and everyone cheered and acted surprised, of course. From People: “It’s perhaps America’s […]

Conan O’Brien Has A Stalker

…Albeit, it isn’t female. But it’s cute when the occasional Catholic clergyman decides to pick on someone his own size. Conan O’Brien isn’t twelve, but somehow, he has managed to attract the attentions, i.e., harassment, accusations, threats, etc., –from a Catholic priest. From The New York Times: “A priest from Boston has been charged with […]

Shakira Makes Economical Choices About Marriage

After all, love is much more important than marriage right? At least, that’s how Shakira sees things. Her and her boyfriend, Antonio de la Rúa, have been in a fairly long term relationship, and managed to be less scandalous than a lot of celebrity couples. From People: “”We’ll get married eventually, or we won’t, but […]

David Copperfield: Friend Or Freak?

Supposedly, TMZ has come into possession of top secret documents, –yeah, –that outline how David Copperfield‘s assistants were supposed to lure in attractive women from the audience while they were supposed to someone keep husbands and boyfriends at bay. Click the picture to view the supposed authentic document. From TMZ: “TMZ has obtained portions of […]

Angelina Jolie Doesn’t Want Her Kids To See Her Looking Skanky

Angelina Jolie wants to be a good mom. So despite her renege on how she was going to stay home more often, et cetera, she has decided that her kids won’t be seeing Beowulf, because she looks like a succubus in the film. Understandable decision, but Angelina‘s kids are eventually going to see her in […]

Kevin Connolly Is A Desperate Skirt Chaser

Honestly, who picks people up from “Dancing With The Stars”? The only people who watch that show are the families of the has-been’s who are in it. Excepting of course, people who have a genuine interest in watching has been’s look like idiots. Which you know, I could be all for, depending. Anyway, Kevin Connolly […]

Owen Wilson & Jessica Simpson: They’re Both Adorable Blondes

But, first and foremost, they are blondes. I love Jessica Simpson, s’truth, and I think she’s definitely the perfect thing for Owen Wilson right now, to help break up some of those dark clouds and all. Jessica and Owen will make a great couple if this thing develops and blossoms into a dingy blonde relationship. […]