Lindsay Lohan & Riley Giles: DUNZO!


Do you know, it’s funny, I keep wanting to type Riles Giley? What the hell? Anyway, Lindsay Lohan, known as Firecrotch to –most people, has broken up with poor Riley Giles, the guy no one knew until she picked him out of rehab, –a relationship destined to last, we all thought. From People:

Lindsay Lohan and Riley Giles, the 25-year-old snowboarder she met while seeking treatment at Utah’s Cirque Lodge, have ended their relationship, sources confirm to PEOPLE.

“They’re over – they’ve broken up,” a source says. “They split after Thanksgiving weekend.”

Adds another source: “She is concentrating on her life and her career.”

Lohan, 21, checked out of the exclusive Cirque Lodge on Oct. 5. She had been there since August. (The breakup was first reported by E! News.)

A week after his daughter had left Cirque Lodge, Lindsay‘s father, Michael Lohan, told PEOPLE about Giles: “He’s a great, great kid. If you met him, you’d like him.””

Yeah, coming from Michael Lohan, that must mean a lot. A family famous for their dysfunctionality, approves of the boyfriend that Lindsay Lohan, their rehab-friendly daughter, found in “Cirque Lodge” which sounds like a hotel for clowns. Now that Lindsay Lohan and Riley Giles have broken up, I can’t help but wonder if we’ll be seeing Riley again, and what Lindsay‘s next abomination will be.

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