Christian Slater; Fan Of Toes & Drugs

Christian Slater is hot, this is true. However, most women and men out there, attracted to Christian Slater, also realize that he is completely insane, along with being hot. In every interview Christian Slater even participates in, there is always that, “Oh god, he really did go there” moment, because this man seriously just has […]

Lindsay Lohan & Riley Giles: DUNZO!

Do you know, it’s funny, I keep wanting to type Riles Giley? What the hell? Anyway, Lindsay Lohan, known as Firecrotch to –most people, has broken up with poor Riley Giles, the guy no one knew until she picked him out of rehab, –a relationship destined to last, we all thought. From People: “Lindsay Lohan […]

Julianna Hough Has Sisterly Love For Helio Castroneves

Julianne Hough has been making sure to let people know that she and her dance partner, Helio Castroneves are just friends, and that she loves him like a brother. The rumors started in the first place because Helio called off his engagement with his fiancee, Aliette Vazquez. From People: “Julianne Hough is shooting down rumors […]