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8a31380.jpgTom Cruise isn’t gay? Really? Well, I’m not totally surprised, but on the other hand, I think that actually proving it requires a mind reader.

Anna Nicole Smith’s son looked fine before his death. And a nurse was disturbed by him laying in the same bed with his mother, because apparently, nurses are cold bitches with no sympathy.

haydenneyoheader.jpgHayden Panetteire is slutting it up, but in a nice way? She’s been seen out with a couple celebrity guys lately, -one claims she’s “silly”, both claim they’re “just friends.”


Mike Tyson is forced by a creative judge to wear pink underwear in prison. Now that’s forward thinking. Go judge!

paris.jpgParis Hilton is seen working those oral skills. But hey, we all knew she had them. That jaw is capable of amazing things.

hayden_panettiere6.jpgHayden Panettiere wants to be a lesbian, so go get her girls! One of the people she wanted to go girl power with was Angeline Jolie. Too bad Angie’s not gay anymore!

michael_buble_01.jpgMichael Buble, so fabulously sexy, is allegedly cheating on his girlfriend, Emily Blunt, with some skank, Tiffany Bromley.

salma-hayek-cleavage-3.jpgSalma Hayek claims that her tits are a gift from God. And you know, I would never argue… and say they might be instead, a gift from science.

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