Katie Couric’s Being Blackmailed For Nude Pics?

God I hope not. Then I might actually have to post them, and as you all know, as pretty as Katie Couric is in the face, she’s getting old. Like… Posh Spice old. Ew. Anyway, the story is, that Katie‘s younger boyfriend, Brooks Perlin, left a bunch of pictures of them on vacation, “accidentally” at […]

Britney Spears Is Dating A Waiter

Britney‘s newest boyfriend, Michael Marchand, was nice enough to take her out on a date, to the restaurant where he works, Mirabelle, in LA, on Nov. 21st. I bet they got to eat leftovers and everything for free! Employee discounts for the win. It’s too bad she couldn’t find a date at Olive Garden, or […]