Finally! We Get To See Isla Fisher & Sacha Baron Cohen’s Baby


After nearly a month of being terribly confused about Sacha Baron Cohen, and Isla Fisher‘s baby, we get to see the little girl born to Borat. For some reason, when she was first born, sources had stated that her name was “Sandler”. Gosh, that’s horrible. Thank goodness, that her name is actually Olive. From Cele|bitchy:

“The details were initially hazy about the birthof Sacha Baron Cohen and his fiance Isla Fisher‘s first baby last month. Reports in Fisher’s native Australia declared correctly that the pair had a girl, but the exact date and place of the birth was unknown. Later rumors had their baby a boy, with the name incorrectly given as “Sandler James.”

It turns out that the Borat comedian and his fiance did have a girl last month, and that her name is Olive. Instead of opting for a high-paid magazine reveal, the hilarious impersonator and his lovely girlfriend decided to let the paparazzi take pictures yesterday as they stood outside a hotel. They looked happy and relaxed, smiling and showing the baby.

Baron Cohen will next appear in the film Bruno, in which he dupes people with his alter ego, a flaming Austrian talk show host. Fisher says she intends to be a stay-at-home mom.”

Oh no… Isla made that infamous statement, about wanting to be an at-home mother. Well with any luck, Isla actually will stay at home with baby Olive, or at least, wait a good couple of years, and hire an excellent nanny.

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