Record Company Lied About Britney Spears’ “Virginal” Image

britneyspast2.jpgDespite popular belief, when a minor enters the entertainment industry, she is easily influenced into doing what The Company wants her to do. Business executives and PR officials convinced the public that Britney Spears was a virgin, and built her image off of that for years. All she did was go along with it; so why is no one pointing a finger at the record label that built this image? According to that little rat-faced bastard, Eric Ervin, it was all a “PR blitz.” So why isn’t PR being blamed? Is a 17-year old responsible for the reputation and appearance built for her, by the record company? I’m thinking no, since at 17, Britney Spears had not been to college, and most likely couldn’t have tackled the jobs of an entire label. From The Sun:

“An American magazine has published an interview with the singer’s former lawyer, who claims that she lost her virginity at age 14.

Eric Ervin accuses the singer of having sex with her childhood boyfriend of three-years, before the legal age of consent.

Eric also alleged that Britney‘s virgin image was a “PR blitz” and she and Justin Timberlake were intimate from the beginning of their relationship.

When first making her name in music, Britney famously vowed that she would wait until marriage before having sex.”

Once again, more subjective journalism, pointing the finger at a child; let’s once again remember, that at 17, Britney Spears was not in the same place she is today. Commercialism ruined this woman’s life; I’m not screaming and freaking out about it like Chris Crocker, but that is the most accurate description of the situation. When people are taught from such an early age in life to value appearances to a fanatical degree, these are the train-wrecks that are caused. If you want to blame someone, blame the record industry, for screwing Britney‘s head up.

As a side note, I am fully aware of the story about Britney‘s “tragic past.” You will never see that story in HH because it’s stooping way too low, even as a blogger like me, to splash around the suicide of someone’s grandmother over the lost life of a child. Eric Erwin is a sick F*CK, who’s only after his few minutes of fame; desperate to get in front of the camera.

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#1 Michelle Landry on 02.21.09 at 11:44 am

I think the first thing people have to know is that when you are talking about an act that has teen preteen and pretween apeal you only have about 2 years. For britney spears that was 2 albums and three tours. And a few small tv things in between. Thats why they all peak before the age of 20. Its not the artist imparticular its the age group. People need to understand by the time there fans are done with junior high they out grow the music.

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