Julia Roberts & Danny Moder: Sharing A Handicapped Parking Space


TMZ is full of the most ridiculous bullshit I’ve seen in a long time. My current favorite among their bullshit story, is “Pretty Woman, Pretty Handicapped?” But why, you may ask? Why can a company ran by something as well-funded, but as useless as AOHell, be so obtuse, and ridiculous? I think it’s because they hire photographers that are drawn to stories about their home lives. This story about Julia Roberts and Danny Moder was only three lines long, and at the end, they accused Julia of being like Britney Spears, and her damn husband was driving! Not to mention, the picture itself, looks fake. From the editorial geniuses at TMZ:

Julia Roberts and hubby Danny Moder sure looked fine as they did some grocery shopping at Hows in Malibu yesterday afternoon.

So why did they feel the need to park in a handicapped spot? That’s a Britney move!”

Big deal, so a celebrity couple parks in a handicapped spot at the grocery store. All the other places were probably taken up by the retards with the cameras. Like you’ve never parked in a handicapped spot? Or the fire lane? I’m surprised Danny Moder was able to get Julia Roberts out of there, in their shining car. Moder was like a knight in armor, as he whips their vehicle around, and saves Julia from the surrounding mobs of cretin paparazzi. How romantic.

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#1 BIC on 11.21.07 at 9:28 am


#2 Julian on 11.29.07 at 6:23 pm

I’m a wallabee who happened to be at hows market that afternoon. The picture is not fake they did park in a handycape parking place but it was due to the paparazzi. They forced the couple into a dangerous sitiuation through their persistent need for news, so much to make Mr. Moder to park in a handycape parking place. I was on TV next to the couple on TMZ.

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