Tom Cruise Wants To Be Hugh Hefner


…At least on the screen. This should be interesting. Supposedly, in a bio-film about the life of Hugh Hefner, Tom Cruise is set to play the part of the Playboy mogul. In lieu of Tom‘s weirdness, and not to mention, his ability, as said in Cele|bitchy, that “he shines in a very specific kind of role… and Hugh Hefner just isn’t that type of character.” I can agree with that. Hugh Hefner demands a certain type of actor for his role, and I really don’t think it’s Tom Cruise. From AZCentral:

Tom Cruise is set to play Hugh Hefner in a new biopic of the Playboy founder’s life. The 45-year-old actor, who has an 18-month-old daughter Suri with his actress wife Katie Holmes, is hot favorite to portray the 81-year-old lothario in upcoming movie ‘Playboy’ and is reportedly excited about the prospect of bringing Hefner’s “colorful life” to the big screen.

A source close to the actor said: “Tom knows of Hugh’s colorful past and thinks he would be the perfect person to bring it to the big screen. He also thinks the role would be a challenge for him, and would remind people of his versatility as an actor. At the moment people are concentrating on his personal life, and his marriage to Katie – but he wants to remind them that he can act too.””

I wonder what Katie thinks of her alien husband’s desire to be Hugh Hefner. In my educated, and highly valuable opinion I think Tom either has a secret desire to have a mansion filled with cheap whores, or wants to wear Hugh Hefner‘s skin, Body Snatchers style.

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