Alicia Keys Is Not A Lesbian… She Wants You To Know

spx-015165.jpgApparently there were all these rumors floating around that Alicia Keys was a lesbian, so she came out and publicly shot down the gossip, telling all that she’s plenty straight. Usually when the lesbian rumors start it’s because they’re being spread by pussified men, or jealous women, both intimidated by stronger women. From the Sun:

“R&B superstar Alicia Keys can understand why she was labeled a lesbian at the beginning of her career – because she was ‘rough around the edges’. The singer’s sexuality was the subject of much speculation after the release of her 2001 debut album Songs In A Minor.

Alicia is adamant she isn’t gay but realizes her appearance and attitude may have led people to draw their own conclusions. She said: “I was definitely rough around the edges. I look back at certain interviews and I’m like, ‘Damn! Did I have to look that hard? Did I have to do my hair that way? I could see why people couldn’t see the diamond in the rough. I didn’t take it to heart. I know what I am. I know it’s not true.””

I don’t think Alicia should have to bend down to that level, to say she “understands” why people would call her a lesbian. Keys is a beautiful woman, with talent, and femininity. The people that keep circulating the lesbian rumor, are just ugly people, and Alicia Keys doesn’t need to deign to the ugly people.

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#1 Jazz Angel on 11.21.07 at 6:23 pm

Why is it an “ugly” rumor to be called a lesbian? What’s wrong with being a lesbian? If Alicia Keys is not a lesbian, then somebody simply told a lie about her. Getting bent out of shape about it is evidence of her own homophobia. The more knowledgeable response would have been to say, “I’m not gay, but so what if I were?” And just so you know, plenty of lesbians are feminine, beautiful, talented and definitely not “rough around the edges.” To believe otherwise is to perpetuate a stereotype.

#2 Heidi on 01.01.08 at 5:59 pm

I wish she was gay… lol… Cuz omg I love her.. lol

#3 ina on 01.08.08 at 5:28 am

she is nice why do you people lie???

#4 kasey on 01.21.08 at 9:08 am

im gay

#5 alicia on 02.13.08 at 7:17 pm

shyt…. man.. i was hoping she was a lesbian. HOT.
lol =]
i stilll love her though..
loved her more if she was gay though.. lol

#6 sphygmo on 04.15.08 at 12:29 pm

Nicely said, Jazz Angel. I’m a lesbian but I am feminine and definitely not ugly. I am saddened by how immature Alicia acted about the rumours. It’s not a travesty, for godsakes.

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