Rachael Ray Whines About Gossip On Her Marriage

cusimano_ray180.jpgRachael Ray, the food channel diva, is pissy because her marriage is constantly being written about in tabloids. Well, it’s hard to find a female celebrity that’s anti-publicity, but she’s quite adamant that her marriage is perfectly fine. I don’t want to negate Rachael‘s statement in any way, –actually, I do. Nine times out of ten, when a celebrity insists their marriage is fine… well, you know. From People:

Rachael Ray is hitting back at tabloid rumors that her marriage is on the rocks.

During a taping of her talk show Monday, the normally bubbly cook said that constant reports about the state of her marriage to John Cusimano are starting to upset her, an observer tells PEOPLE.

“Everybody gossips … but this stuff is hurting people’s feelings who are in our families and friends of ours,” Ray told the audience on the show, set to air Friday. “They worry about us.”

Continued Ray, 39, “There’s always someone that’s going to be telling stories behind your back, but this is too much.”

She also told the audience, “The tabloids won’t stop printing this junk until people stop buying it.””

Even cooking show celebrities have to face the wolves from time to time, and if you have any dirty laundry you don’t want the tabloids seeing, keep it under lock and key. Rachael, if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

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#1 Sharon Holmes on 12.16.07 at 10:38 am

I think I saw a quick clip about something being in the “oven” Is Rachel Ray expecting?

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