Paris Hilton’s Ex Business Partner; Dirty Sleaze Bag Rapist

1114_fred_mug_ex_01.jpgProbably one of the best business decisions Paris Hilton ever made was to drop this guy, Fereidoun “Fred” Khalilian, on his ass, when the two had a business-related falling out. Now the dirty bastard is off raping people. How disgusting; I mean, as the owner of a popular nightclub in Orlando, how hard could it be to find some ass? “Fred” did it because he’s a perverted loser, not because he couldn’t get any. From TMZ:

“Orlando Police say Khalilian turned himself in this afternoon to face charges of battery, sexual battery and false imprisonment.

Paris Hilton‘s former business parter is M.I.A. after being accused of raping a woman at his Florida condominium reports the Orlando Sentinel.

Police are continuing to search for nightclub operator Fereidoun “Fred” Khalilian, who allegedly attacked a 20-something woman he took home early last Friday morning.”

Khalilian partnered up with the hotel heiress in 2004 to open Club Paris in Orlando. The venue closed after the partners had a bitter falling out earlier this year and was reopened — without Paris — as Dolce (no relation to Ashton Kutcher‘s West Hollywood eatery).”

What a loser. Paris Hilton should get a lifetime supply of cookies for her good judgment in getting rid of Khalilian. And now no one can find him? That’s scary. A crazed, ex-nightclub owner rapist, running around out here in Florida? Where Anni lives? I’m not worried, I’ll taser him if he shows up. It’s sad, how people with everything have so much disrespect for others.

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#1 Anton S. on 09.10.08 at 3:57 pm

This guy, Khalilian, used to own a fitness club in Lake Mary, FL before selling the gym to Lifestyle Fitness in 2005.
Check out this page:

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