Pamela Anderson Is Servicing The Homeless

prn-011035.jpg…With Thanksgiving dinner. Which is great and all, you know, since her life is in shambles, but it might be hard being in a crowd of people who look a lot like both Tommy Lee and Kid Rock. From Hollyscoop:

“Let’s forget for a moment what a trainwreck Pamela Anderson has been lately and focus on her work with PETA. Pammy will be serving vegetarian dishes all night on Thanksgiving at an unnamed homeless centre in Las Vegas.

PETA spokesman Michael McGraw says, “We want to keep the venue a secret because it’s really just for Pam and those she’s serving. It’s not for fans and autograph seekers. The dinner itself will be a feast – Gardein’s Veggie Stuffed Turkey Roast With Wild Rice and Cranberries. It’s a delicious faux turkey. Pam, who has been vegetarian since she was a teenager, is thrilled to serve up the health benefits of a meatless diet.”

Anderson adds, “The holiday season can be especially hard for those who find themselves homeless, and it’s murder on turkeys. With so many healthy and delicious options nowadays, it’s easy to have a holiday meal that gives even turkeys something to be thankful for.””

Then again, on the other hand, maybe she’ll find someone to cheat on her new husband with while she’s there. And by the way, does anyone else think it’s retarded that Pamela is feeding vegetarian food to the homeless?

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