Is Britney Spears Pregnant Again?

britney-spears-pregnant.jpgThe other day when Britney Spears was out and about, doing the usual clothes shopping and such, some moron yelled out “She’s pregnant!” Was he talking about Britney, or his cycloptic, club-footed girlfriend? From TMZ:

BritBrit was out and about yesterday doing the usual, shopping on photog-filled Robertson Blvd., but this time she was shopping for the kiddies. It’s easier than usin’ them washer machines, y’all!

While Spears made her grand exit, someone yelled out, “She’s pregnant!” Ding dang, if you thought her situation couldn’t get worse — being pregnant would probably do it.

Thankfully, the guy was talking about another woman. Whew!”

Well, gee. That’s a let-down. Britney should have turned around and put one of her enormous bodyguards afterthe troublemaker, and made him squish his head. Oh well, guess you can’t have everything.

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#1 lilly on 12.07.07 at 4:04 pm

britney is so ugly! INSIDE and out! she should just move far away, so she can be happy with no more paparazzi and we can be happy about not having to hear about all the stupid things she does and the awful way she lives! anyone who neglects their children are just plain “UGLY”!!!

#2 Riley on 12.19.07 at 9:51 am

That’s right, Britney isn’t pregnant, her 16 year old sister is!

#3 Britney Spears Lover on 03.28.08 at 11:59 am

You know, I’d really like to hear more blog posts about her music, and singing, and less about her pregnancies. Yet so many blogs focus on these factors of her life. I think 10% of Britney is the music and the other 90% is tabloid fodder.

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