Shakira Makes Economical Choices About Marriage

shakira.jpgAfter all, love is much more important than marriage right? At least, that’s how Shakira sees things. Her and her boyfriend, Antonio de la Rúa, have been in a fairly long term relationship, and managed to be less scandalous than a lot of celebrity couples. From People:

“”We’ll get married eventually, or we won’t, but we’re together and that’s what matters,” the Colombian pop star tells about her longtime boyfriend, Antonio de la Rúa. “We love each other and we want to stay like that. Why fix something that’s not broken?”

Shakira, 30, was in Las Vegas on Tuesday night to perform at the premiere of Love in the Time of Cholera, for which she wrote three songs. The film, based on the novel by fellow Colombian Gabriel García Márquez, about a lifelong love affair, struck a chord with the singer.

Of love, she says, “It’s my primary nourishment. I think that nothing else in life, not even your career or music –well, what I’m saying is a bold statement – I think that nothing can substitute love as the propelling force of everyone’s lives. It’s number one on my list of priorities, of course.””

On the other hand, I think Shakira has a fairly good idea about the longevity of celebrity marriages, and might not want the possible scandal of a prenuptial agreement leaking out, so she’s just staying out of the church. Not necessarily the case, of course, but it would be the smart, if not the most emotional, perspective on marriage, especially in her line of work.

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