Kevin Connolly Is A Desperate Skirt Chaser


Honestly, who picks people up from “Dancing With The Stars”? The only people who watch that show are the families of the has-been’s who are in it. Excepting of course, people who have a genuine interest in watching has been’s look like idiots. Which you know, I could be all for, depending. Anyway, Kevin Connolly seems to be going after Julianne Hough, who was supposedly engaged at one point. There are rumours that the two were dating, but the Dancing With The Stars “person”, Julianne, –stars aren’t on that show, I refuse to call them that,– denied those rumours, and possibly shot down Kevin‘s little crush on her. From People:

Dancing with the Stars pro Julianne Hough shot down rumors Monday night that she and Entourage star Kevin Connolly are dating.

“No, no, no” Hough adamantly told PEOPLE. “We’re just friends.”

The blonde-haired season four Dancing champ says she and Connolly met and “talk on the phone a lot. But we’re just friends.”

Connolly, 33, confirmed this to Howard Stern Monday, though he couldn’t help but gush about the 19-year-old beauty. Connolly was on Stern’s radio show with Entourage costar Adrian Grenier to promote the new Entourage coffee table book. The two met, Connolly says, at L.A. hot spot Hyde. Since then, Connolly told Stern he’s “actively pursuing” Hough and talks to her practically every day. He even went to see her perform at a DWTS taping.

Connolly says he considers Hough “a 15″ on hisscale, a score that takes into account her flawless looks and infectious personality. Connolly encouraged Stern’s listeners to vote for Julianne.

Upon hearing Connolly’s remarks, Hough told PEOPLE, “Aw. That’s really sweet. That’s very flattering. But we’re just friends.””

I think what Hough means is, “He’s a stalker! And he’s old! Ew!” But then again, he could mean “actively pursuing” in other ways, that don’t involve collecting her trash, or calling her all the time and hanging up. Maybe he licks her steering wheel instead.

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#1 poor Kevin Connolly on 11.07.07 at 2:05 am

Poor cutie Kevin Connolly. I don’t know if I feel worse because he is being mangled by the media lately, or that he lacks confidence and feels he has to go after young women to date. This shows me that he doesn’t feel good enough about himself to go after smart, attractive women in his own age bracket.
Kevin Connolly is an adorable, down to earth, sensitive, misunderstood guy. Maybe he is buying into all the bad press and public perception. He has been doing a lot of bar hopping and probably bed hopping to feel better about himself, and that is kinda sad 🙁 .
Kev- there are plenty of women out there who love ya.
Please do yourself a favor and change venues in your search for true love, sweetie!

#2 old news on 11.08.07 at 3:17 am

Julianne Hough and Kevin Connolly are not dating now. But, trust me, this 19 year old basked in Kevin Connolly’s attention and affection while it lasted. He’s a genuinely nice, generous guy, with a lot to offer and she blew it.
Oh well… Julianne Hough is too young for Kevin Connolly anyway. Kevin should turn his attentions to a smart, good looking lady in her late 20s, instead of these young girls who don’t appreciate a down to earth, generally good guy with a big heart.


Kevin Connolly has now given Julianne Hough a diamond and 18 carat gold ring, which she wore on DWTS Monday night. Yet, they are just friends. I think Julianne Hough is immature and taking advantage of Kevin Connolly’s good heart and desire to be in a relationship. I hope this young girl does not break his heart.

#4 Karey on 07.03.10 at 6:38 am

Kevin Connolly is an untalented douchebag prick. He plays a competely impotent and incompetent person on television and he is even more of one in real life. He has single-handedly ruined what would otherwise be an excellent television series, I can’t even watch it in reruns. Having them pretend he is smart and attractive makes it even worse. A pizza boy who accidentally became a Hollywood manager because his friend became a movie star would never make it 5 minutes without knowing what he is doing every minute. All “E” does is call Ari every time anything goes wrong. No woman would want him.

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