Angelina Jolie Doesn’t Want Her Kids To See Her Looking Skanky


Angelina Jolie wants to be a good mom. So despite her renege on how she was going to stay home more often, et cetera, she has decided that her kids won’t be seeing Beowulf, because she looks like a succubus in the film. Understandable decision, but Angelina‘s kids are eventually going to see her in a lot of roles where she is less than prudent looking. Not to mention, the fact that all kids, eventually experience the horror of hearing or seeing their parents… you know… Ew. Well, maybe not Angie and Brad, since they’re rarely home with their kids. From People:

Angelina Jolie may be starring in an animated film, but don’t expect her to let her kids see it.

“I think it’s too much. I don’t think they should see their mom that way.I don’t wear nightgowns like that in the house. I’ve got boys in my house. You don’t do that as a mom,” Jolie, 32, told PEOPLE at the premiere of Beowulf, in which she plays a temptress killer lizard and is painted gold but animated without clothes.

She added: “But when they’re older, hopefully they’ll see it. It’s weird, I’m a mom.””

How fair-minded of her. But I bet Angelina and Brad get to cuddle up together, and watch Beowulf. Celebrity kids usually turn out to be nuts. I wonder what these are going to be like in ten years.

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