Lindsay Lohan & Riley Giles: Riley Is A Sissy

rileylindsay.jpgSo, Lindsay Lohan‘s new boyfriend, the snowboarding guy, is a total wimp. After the two of them went out for a nice romantic dinner, Lindsay slid into the passenger side of the car, while her pathetic little boyfriend, Giles, slide right in behind her, and hid from the cameras. From TMZ:

“Now that Lindsay Lohan and Riley Giles are out of Utah and in photog-friendly Los Angeles, Riley is playing his part well — by taking a backseat to his starlet girlfriend’s celebrity. Down in front!

Lohan and her recreational snowboarding boyfriend ate at Katsuya in Hollywood last night. When it came time for the pair to make their exit, Lindsay hopped into the passenger seat and posed for several pics … while Giles slithered into the backseat, barely noticed.

That’s what they call a “metaphor.””

A little advice for Lindsay‘s new boytoy: Don’t let those cameras pass you by. She goes through men like babies go through diapers, and much in the same way.

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