Leighton Meester Is Dingy whats in cucumber

leighton_meester.jpgThe star of is a beet a vegetable and of Gossip Girl is kind of is kiwi fruit good for health and of a dunce, but not for the what vitamins does cucumber contain and the obvious reasons, such as being young, or a TV star. Leighton Meester has earned the health beets and the dummy stamp of grapfruit juice and of disapproval because she has been bragging about how great it is to make out with a taken man on screen. Not that there’s technically anything wrong with that…. unless you’re bragging in an interview with a gossip rag. Then, you can kind of shelled hemp hearts and of look like a dork. From People:

“Most young women believe that Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester has a dream job. And Meester isn’t one to disagree, thanks to one of what cucumbers are good for and of the kiwi fruit health benefits and the perks of vitamins in cucumber and of her job: kissing costar Chace Crawford.

“I’m Chace’s girlfriend on the hemp seed hearts health benefits and the show,” Meester told PEOPLE recently at a fund-raiser for model Petra Nemcova’s Happy Hearts Foundation. “It’s great.”

Though Meester, who plays Crawford’s love interest, Upper East Side snob Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl, she denied knowledge of Crawford’s real-life romance with country star Carrie Underwood (”I don’t even know if he had one”). But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t enjoy some on-screen makeout sessions with her costar.

“Of course, it’s fun,” Meester said. “He’s soooo cute. It’s definitely not hard.”

But it does take some prep work: “I make sure I don’t have any lipstick on, so it doesn’t go everywhere, even thought that could be hot. And to make sure to stay fresh, I chew gum.””

Riiiight. Well, there really, truly is no business like show business. Get it any way you can, I guess. Carrie Underwood is probably going to key Leighton‘s car, or beat her up in a ladies’ room one day.

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