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Christian Slater; Fan Of Toes & Drugs

Christian Slater is hot, this is true. However, most women and men out there, attracted to Christian Slater, also realize that he is completely insane, along with being hot. In every interview Christian Slater even participates in, there is always that, “Oh god, he really did go there” moment, because this man seriously just has […]

Lindsay Lohan & Riley Giles: DUNZO!

Do you know, it’s funny, I keep wanting to type Riles Giley? What the hell? Anyway, Lindsay Lohan, known as Firecrotch to –most people, has broken up with poor Riley Giles, the guy no one knew until she picked him out of rehab, –a relationship destined to last, we all thought. From People: “Lindsay Lohan […]

Julianna Hough Has Sisterly Love For Helio Castroneves

Julianne Hough has been making sure to let people know that she and her dance partner, Helio Castroneves are just friends, and that she loves him like a brother. The rumors started in the first place because Helio called off his engagement with his fiancee, Aliette Vazquez. From People: “Julianne Hough is shooting down rumors […]

Usher & Tameka Have Baby Boy

I still say that Tameka is a little bit less than fresh and is more than likely a bleepity bleep bleep, [insert something that would get me sued here] but you know, as a celebrity gossip blogger, what can Anni do? Not much else but complain and congratulate the couple on their new baby boy. […]

Buffy & Angel Actress; Charisma Carpenter & Husband Split

Remember the chick who plays Cordelia in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Angel? That would be Charisma Carpenter, and she and her husband, Damian Hardy, have decided to call it quits and throw in the figurative towel on their relationship of four years. From People: “Charisma Carpenter of TV’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel […]

Mary-Kate Olsen & Stavros Niarchos: Pissing Off Paris One Tryst At A Time

Mary-Kate Olsen and Paris Hilton‘s on-off boytoy, Stavros Niarchos are back together, and making out in puiblic and all that fun stuff. I get the two confused… is it Ashley Olsen or Mary-Kate that likes men old enough to be their father? I can’t keep them straight, so most likely, both. From Life & Style: […]

Britney Spears’ Babies; Made In China?

Of all the ridiculous bullshit we have to sit through and listen to about Britney Spears, she is now being accused of adopting Chinese twins. A Britain rag, called “News of the World” would like to inform us all that Britney is going through the final stages of adopting children from China. From Showbiz Spy: […]

Jaime King & Kyle Newman: Married!

Jaime King, actress, and director, Kyle Newman got married in a New York park where the two shared their very first date. Aww, how sweet. The two met on the Fanboys set, around a year ago, and fell for each other a short time later. And hey, with any luck, they’ll be together at least […]

Hulk Hogan & Linda Marie Bollea: DUNZO!

Remember how you guys keptcommenting on that practically ancient story of ours, about how Hulk and his wife Linda were just joking about getting a divorce? Well, apparently all of you lunatics were justified. The bodacious blonde Linda, who had been married to Hulk for over 24 years, has filed for a divorce from the […]

Amy Winehouse’s Husband Spending The Holidays Incarcerated

I feel sorry for this couple; Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil will spend their Christmas separated from one another, while Blake is in jail for charges for conspiracy. Blake was denied bail, and a tearful Amy went home alone. From People: “Amy Winehouse wiped away tears as her incarcerated husband Blake Fielder-Civil was denied bail […]

Bits & Pieces

Really? Well, I’m not totally surprised, but on the other hand, I think that actually proving it requires a mind reader. And a nurse was disturbed by him laying in the same bed with his mother, because apparently, nurses are cold bitches with no sympathy. She’s been seen out with a couple celebrity guys lately, […]

Katie Couric’s Being Blackmailed For Nude Pics?

God I hope not. Then I might actually have to post them, and as you all know, as pretty as Katie Couric is in the face, she’s getting old. Like… Posh Spice old. Ew. Anyway, the story is, that Katie‘s younger boyfriend, Brooks Perlin, left a bunch of pictures of them on vacation, “accidentally” at […]

Britney Spears Is Dating A Waiter

Britney‘s newest boyfriend, Michael Marchand, was nice enough to take her out on a date, to the restaurant where he works, Mirabelle, in LA, on Nov. 21st. I bet they got to eat leftovers and everything for free! Employee discounts for the win. It’s too bad she couldn’t find a date at Olive Garden, or […]

Finally! We Get To See Isla Fisher & Sacha Baron Cohen’s Baby

After nearly a month of being terribly confused about Sacha Baron Cohen, and Isla Fisher‘s baby, we get to see the little girl born to Borat. For some reason, when she was first born, sources had stated that her name was “Sandler”. Gosh, that’s horrible. Thank goodness, that her name is actually Olive. From Cele|bitchy: […]

Cindy Crawford & Rande Gerber: Still Happily Married

It’s so nice to see celebrity marriages that actually work out. Such as the of Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber, seen here, strolling along a beach, hand in hand. They’ve been together nearly ten years according to TMZ, and appear to be still going strong. From TMZ: “Cowboy-hatted supermodel Cindy Crawford, 41, and hubby Rande […]

Record Company Lied About Britney Spears’ “Virginal” Image

Dennis Quaid’s Newborn Twins Almost Killed By Idiots

Julia Roberts & Danny Moder: Sharing A Handicapped Parking Space

Allison Munn & Scott Holroyd: Married!

Tom Cruise Wants To Be Hugh Hefner